Remember, it’s what you CAN’T SEE, what’s behind the walls, in the attic and in the crawl spaces that can and will eventually impact the Home/environments Air Quality.

Marijuana Grow-Op Consultation & Remediation

Assure Property Solutions Inc. NEEDS to be a part of ANY Former Grow-Op Remediation. Mold and (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality Sampling and Testing MUST be performed. It is recommended that the home or building be Sampled and Tested before the remediation and sometimes during the process (Refer to 2020 WCB WorkSafe BC procedures).

A professional Remediation Company

We will perform Sampling and Testing prior to sealing up any repairs and perform “Clearance Testing” before allowing ANY homeowner or business staff to enter and re-occupy the space. This is for their personal safety.

We want to be a part of Returning a Former Grow-Op Property back to a Healthy and Legally Compliant Environment – Safely, Effectively, and Quickly.

Indoor Environmental Consulting Services offer complete assessment and remediation management for the successful rehabilitation of marijuana grow-op properties.

What’s Next After an Order to Remedy an Unsafe Building?

Marijuana grow-ops are more common than you think, with many unsuspecting landlords and property managers falling victim to these illegal and potentially dangerous operations.

If a police raid on your property reveals a marijuana grow-op, you will likely receive an Order to Remedy an Unsafe Building. The order describes the conditions you’ll need to meet before you can resolve your case. The electrical supply to the building will also most likely have been disconnected.

To restore your property to a healthy and legally compliant state, you must provide the municipality with an environmental assessment stating that the building is:

• fit for occupancy,

• free from biological and chemical hazards

• structurally sound

What’s Included in the Environmental Assessment?

1. The extent of fungal (usually mold) contamination and its source(s).

2. If any indoor pesticide contamination and its source(s) are present.

3. The extent of water and indoor moisture damage

4. A remediation plan to mitigate the above

5. A verification report that re-evaluates the environmental conditions, post remediation


What Does An Assure Assessment Include?

Our Comprehensive Assessment Includes:

1. History/Review of the Property from the Current Owner

2. A Thorough Inspection of the Property

3. Sampling and Laboratory Analysis of Molds and Asbestos as necessary

4. A Full Written Report, Including Findings, Photos, Conclusions and

5. Refer You To Professional Mold Abatement Contractors

6. Post-Remediation Assessment – Air Sampling and Testing to
Document that the Cleanup Work Has Been Completed – Effectively.

What Are The Dangers Presented by a Grow-Op Property?

If not remediated safely and effectively, former marijuana grow-op properties can be highly dangerous to the health and safety of occupants, and even neighbours. Some of the more common risks include

  • Airborne contaminants from improper changes made to furnace venting or from chemicals
  • Health effects and allergies caused by molds and fungi
  • Increased probability of fire from overloaded electrical systems, illegal wiring and extreme heat generated by high =intensity lighting
  • Potential for electrocution from illegal electrical bypasses
  • Possible structural damage caused by grower’s improper renovations

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