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Whether you are new to the Real Estate market or someone with years of experience behind you, today’s market has changed. Not only have the prices sky-rocketed, so has the competitiveness of the market. These two factors alone make it more important than ever for the NEW AND experienced purchaser to require a Competent, Professional Home Inspection.

Why do you need a Home Inspection?


For most, the purchase of a home or residential real estate is the largest purchase they will ever make. So why take chances and make uninformed uneducated decisions. Let Assure Property Solutions Inc. take care of you! Inform you and educate you about the piece of real estate you are interested in? Assure’s Inspection covers top to bottom and everywhere in between. Assure’s inspector(s) find things others miss. Assure provides our clients the ability to negotiate the purchase price with facts outlined in our comprehensive digital reporting. Assure saves our clients’ money.

As the Global Village is NO longer a concept but a reality, and that real estate has turned into a Commodity, buyers are no longer competing with their Neighbour(s), but buyers are competing against Corporations, locally and Globally for properties they may tear down or not live in. With the prices on 100-year-old buildings at all-time highs, more than ever it is important to know what you are purchasing.

For these reasons Assure recommends that a Professional, Experienced, Certified, Home Residential Inspector Complete YOUR next Home or Residential Inspection. A GREAT Residential or Home Inspector SAVES YOU MONEY OFF the purchase price! A GREAT Inspection Company can let you know if this purchase is a SOLID Investment for you and/or your family or something you may need to re-evaluate or even walk away from. In the Inspection Industry, you get what you pay for!

Don’t get caught buying something that is deficient and will cost you more than you can afford or anticipated.

Make Sure You Hire An Experienced Home Inspector

Advantages to The Purchaser With Our Home Inspection

By Employing a Certified Home Inspector through Assure Property Solutions Inc., you will receive an inspector who is there representing your best interests. Assures Inspector(s) are there to make sure that your concerns are addressed, and your questions are answered. You CAN EXPECT TO receive some FREE House Education during this process. With over 25 years of combined Industry experience, Assure will give you a detailed and informative report of the condition of the property at the time of the inspection.

Advantages to The Seller With Our Home Inspectors

Assure Recommends a Pre-Listing Inspection. A Pre-Listing Inspection offers the Home Seller the opportunity to confirm the condition the home prior to listing your home for sale. By utilizing our Service, Assure has the ability to provide a report detailing possible items standing out as REPAIR or REPLACE Items. Having these components itemized allows you the seller the ability to fix these deficiencies prior to listing, preventing them from showing up on the purchaser’s report, which they will surely use to discount the purchased price.


Best Residential Inspection in Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon and Kamloops

Informed Decision Making

Assure’s extensive Home or Residential Inspection offers our client’s the ability to be informed and discuss with their realtor any imperfections or areas of concern found in or outside of the home. Assure Property Solutions will recognize safety, moisture, structural and many other potential concerns which may be present and can become a potential danger or issue for the house in the near future.

Saving You Money

Assure Property Solutions Residential and Home Inspector(s) are able to point out problems and concerns in the home or residential building which potentially saves our client(s) some money off of the listing price. Assure Property Solutions Inc. works for you, the client, NOT for the realtor(s). With Assure’s thorough Inspection and Comprehensive Detailed Reporting, purchasers find themselves:

1. Being informed of possible issues with the property and the potential costly repairs identified (if any).

2. Requesting the seller get the deficiencies fixed as a Condition to the Sale.

3. Re-Negotiating with the seller to bring down the cost of the property they are looking at purchasing.

***If you select the third choice, you WILL have some valid justifications and excellent bargaining abilities
by utilizing Assure’s detailed Inspection Report which is provided after the inspection has been completed.

Repairs Required

A Home Inspection by Assure Property Solutions Inc. will assist you with understanding any additional costs that may need to occur after the purchase

Being Informed

A thorough and Non-Destructive Inspection of the property by Assure Property Solutions, will provide information and understanding of the home’s immediate needs and repairs; as well as, possible future maintenance and repairs needed. After reviewing Assure’s report you will be better able to prioritize the property (Home or Residential) repairs and maintenance costs and scheduling.

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Why You Should Complete a Residential Home

Inspection Before Purchasing?

By choosing an Assure Property Solutions Home Inspector you will receive an honest, straightforward, reasonable picture of the home you are interested in purchasing. Assure’s report(s) will allow you the ability to determine how you might want to move forward with this purchase…or NOT?

Our Obligation

To provide our client’s with a thorough, honest and reliable Residential or Home Inspection. We interview the current owner’s/renters; as well as, the neighbors when available. Assure’s inspections are detailed and informative. Houses and buildings have stories and Assure prides itself on getting as many facts for our client’s as possible, in turn providing our client’s the ability to make the most educated decision(s) possible.


Choose the Right Home Inspector

Assure’s Professional Inspectors will pinpoint issues and will offer recommendations. The data provided by the Inspector will help the buyer(s) make sure that their choice is a sound investment for them. Assure’s Inspectors use a Thermal Imaging Camera to recognize potential problems through walls non-destructively. Real estate Agents recommend that purchasers and sellers hire a proficient Inspector, who has the client’s best interests in mind. Residential and Home Inspection has become an “unquestionable requirement” or a mandatory step for homebuyers or real-estate investors to have. Choosing the right Home/Building Inspector has never been more important. Your realtor will offer you a Home Inspector; however, you are NOT obligated to work with this person. You are able to choose your own inspector. Not all Home – Residential & Home Inspectors are the same. Some Inspectors have No previous construction or Industry Training prior to becoming a Home or Residential Inspector. Do your research. Check out Assure Property Solutions Inc. for ALL your Residential or Home Inspection NEEDS.

A GREAT Home Inspection Informs you!

Assure’s Residential and Home Inspector(s) will provide you with a detailed Digital Report within days of completing the inspection. Within this report ALL the major components of the home like the Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Structure etc. have been inspected and function tested when applicable. In the report the inspector will outline ALL areas of concern and will label items requiring repair or replacing. This process will allow the buyer to further understand what the home or building needs immediately and what can be planned for down the road. Allowing the purchaser(s) the ability to plan and budget. Assure Property Solutions Inc. WILL DOES This FOR YOU.

Sellers can Fix Issues

If a home or property sale falls through because of an Inspection Report, the seller may ask to purchase the Home Inspection Report from Assure Property Solutions Inc. This report provides an account of the number of deficiencies reported. Pro-active home and building owners MAY choose to make these repairs; therefore increasing the value of their home or building and its potential to be SOLD.

This why Assure Property Solutions Inc.

Offers Pre-Listing Inspections. Assure’s Pre- Listing Inspections SAVE OUR CLIENT”S MONEY!