A pool inspection can identify and address any possible issues or risks with your swimming pool.
A pool inspection can identify and address any possible issues or risks with your swimming pool.

Pool, Hot Tub & Sauna Inspections

Are you looking at purchasing a Home, Investment Property, Motel, Hotel or RV Park that comes with one or all of these extra amenities? Why NOT get the pool , hot tub and/or sauna inspected during your Pre-Purchase Inspection? It Saves You Time and Money! Assure Property Solutions can take care of ALL your Inspection needs.

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Assure’s Objective Is To:

✔ Provide you with a visual non-destructive
     inspection of the pool, hot tub and sauna.

✔ Identify safety issues, hazards and address your

✔ Provide knowledge of common maintenance

✔ Complete a water sample/Test if desired.
    (Extra Charges Apply).

✔ Provide you with an inspection & safety report.


Make Your Pool Inspection a Yearly Habit! A Yearly Habit!

Try not to think of your pool inspection as a hassle. Rather, consider it a part of maintaining your investment and that you are making sure your environment is safe for your family and guests. Having a safe and properly functioning pool, hot tub and sauna, not only will decrease stress, it may even allow you the time to use the amenities yourself?

Barrier Locations

Barriers should be located so as to prohibit permanent structures, equipment or similar objects from being used to climb the barriers.

• Each year in Canada, about 100 children under five years old drown in swimming pools and spas, usually owned by their family. In addition, more than 1000 children under five are treated in hospital emergency rooms for submersion injuries. The following information can help provide young children with the protection they deserve.

• Most jurisdictions require some type of barrier at a pool and hot tub to prevent drowning. Sometimes, the barrier is surrounding the pool, but not the hot tub. Be sure not to overlook the issues of barriers when inspecting the hot tub.

Pool Inspection Tips

• There has to be enough water in the pool or spa. Check the
level of the water.

• There shouldn’t be any water leaks at the plumping
connections or equipment.

• All of the valves should be fully open.

• There should not be any trapped air in the system. Air at the
filter tank should be purged routinely.

• The skimmer and Main drain should be clear of blockage and
debris. Skimmers require cleaning.

• The strainer pot at the pump should be cleaned and routinely checked.

• There might be an imbalance in the water chemistry,
causing scaling. Check first any scale causing clogging or
restriction of water flow.

Pool & Spa Tidbits…Did you know?
• There is great potential of electrical shock hazards around a swimming pool or hot tub. Due to waters conductive properties, it provides a path for fault current, through the water to the earth. When a bather touches an energized metal component, the fault current path through that bather could be fatal.

• A swimmer floating in a pool, not touching anything but the surrounding water, could become part of a fault current path, too. If an electrical device, such as a portable radio, falls into the swimming pool, an electrical potential might be created in the pool that could cause the person to be surrounded by different levels of voltage in the water, acting like the conductor.

8 – Pool Side Safety Tips for 2020

Never allow a child near water unsupervised, even if they can swim!

Set Up Pool & Hot tub Barriers!

Secure the Gates & Doors!

Inspect and clean Pool Filters, Drains & Drain Covers.

Maintain the Pool by regular Cleaning and by proper chemical balance. Check daily!

Enforce Pool Safety Rules!

Make sure ALL RESCUE EQUIPMENT is close by and functional.

Make sure ALL pool and hot tub chemicals are stored safely and out of reach of small children!