Odor removal and Ozone Shock Sanitization at affordable pricing in Kelowna, Vernon, Pentictor and Kamloops. Our experts fully assess and safely eliminate odors caused by fire and smoke, water and mold, pets and animals, sewage and biological sources.

What is Odor?

Odor is a distinctive smell, especially an unpleasant one. It is caused by mold, pets and animals, fire and water damage, sewage leakages and age.

What is Ozone

ryptosporidium, MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph), E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Pseudomonas are destroyed by Ozone. Electrically, ozone is oxygen with a higher energy level. The ozone molecule is very unstable and highly reactive, a blue colored gas with a very characteristic odor; a pungent smell. Over time, it will decay back into its original form of oxygen (O2). Ozone or (O3) is sometimes called “activated oxygen”, containing three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breathe. Ozone is the second most powerful sterilant in the world and can be used to destroy bacteria, viruses and odors. In nature Ozone is produced by some chemical reactions. The most familiar example is found in the ozone layer, where ozone is produced from the sun’s ultra-violet (UV) rays. Ozone is also produced by thunderstorms and waterfalls.

The extreme high voltage created within thunderstorms also produces Ozone.

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The special “fresh, clean, spring rain” smell is from naturally produced ozone. The word “Ozone” is derived from the Greek word ozein, which means to smell. Ozone is only produced under extreme circumstances. This can also be created by ozone generators. Ozone generators produce ozone with extreme high voltage or with UV light.
How Does Ozone Work and How it Helps in Odor Removal?

Ozone operates according to the principle of oxidation. When the static loaded Ozone molecule (O3) contacts something that can undergo oxidation, the charge of the Ozone molecule will directly flow over to it; because Ozone is very unstable and prefers to turn be in its original form and stable form of oxygen (O2). Ozone can oxidize all kinds’ materials, and will completely eliminate odors and microorganisms like viruses, mold and bacteria. The extra oxygen atoms releases from the Ozone molecule and then binds with other material. Eventually what remains is only the pure and stable oxygen molecule.

“Ozone is one of the strongest oxidation agents available for use. The extra added oxygen atom will bind (oxidize) in a split second to every component that comes into contact with it”

The Benefits of Ozone

Ozone is Nature’s Most Powerful Disinfectant & Oxidizer. On average (depending on the microorganism or organic contaminant), it is 200 times stronger than chlorine and is effective in destroying organic contaminants, pathogens, and a variety of inorganic materials, such as body lotions.

1. Ozone is Tested and Proven to be Effective Against Tough Microorganisms Such As:
Microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium, MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph), E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Pseudomonas are destroyed by Ozone.

2. Ozone is an EPA Approved Antimicrobial Disinfectant and Sanitizer
Ozone is only one of three groups of antimicrobial agents registered by the EPA for public health use (the other two being antibiotics and antiseptics).

3. Ozone is the Environmentally Preferred Sanitizer
For all its inherent power, Ozone sanitation has no negative impact on the environment, its operators or for the people who benefit from the disinfection process. Ozone benefits the environment both by reducing the use of energy to heat water and lowered chemical consumption and because it creates no harmful by-products. The oxidation process reduces the Ozone, into its stable form of oxygen (O2).

Residential and Commercial Odor Removal

Ozone Shock Sanitization is a great solution for residential and Commercial clients requiring the best odor removal and mold elimination solution without chemicals or fragrances. (Some conditions apply)

The Ozone generator is a great odor eliminator because it attacks odors at their source. Permanent home odor removal with Ozone will also kill microorganisms and get rid of mold and mildew.

Residential and Commercial odor removal is necessary because smells remain from various sources such as tobacco smoke, pets, cooking, moisture, mold, and body odors. These odors and vapors remain in the air and adhere to the walls, ceilings, cabinets and crevices. They are embedded in carpet, furniture, drapes and clothing, virtually in every room and surface of a home.

Assure uses Industrial grade Ozone generators to remove household and commercial odors very effectively. For example, a rental property designated as “non-smoking” is smoked in by the previous occupant. Simply cleaning the unit will not eliminate smoking odors because the fumes penetrate the furniture and fabrics and clings to the walls, ceilings, inside closets and cabinets and most other surfaces. Even clean the carpets. The smell still persists!

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How We Remove Home Odors

Our Solution:

To eliminate home odors, Assure uses an Ozone Generator system which is placed in the homes or buildings HVAC System. If there is NO HVAC system installed, Assure works from room to room. Assures Generator(s) are placed in the home for treatment while the space is unoccupied until the service is completed. The ozonation equipment is set depending on the severity of the odors. Cabinet and closet doors are opened, and the area is vacated for the duration of the service. Ozone fills the entire home, contacting all surfaces, penetrating fabrics and oxidizing odors at their source. The time for treatment will vary with the size of the house or building and the severity of the odor. So, treatment may take as little as 6 – 8 hours for light odors, whereas heavy odors may take 48 hours or more.


Assure will be turning up the temperature in the space or adding heaters as Ozone works best in warm to hot environments. The fan on the thermostat will be turned ON to help circulate the Ozone throughout the space and this as well remove odors that build up inside the ductwork.

Once treatment is completed, the problematic odor will be gone, leaving you with a faint scent of Ozone as it continues to dissipate back into its stable element of Oxygen (O2). Occupants will enjoy a fresh smelling property, and this greatly adds to your guest satisfaction.

Mold Odor Removal at Affordable Pricing

Treatment – Ozone Shock Treatment Kills Mold and Removes Mold Odor. Running Assure’s Ozone Generator(s) for several hours will kill mold and mildew, removing their unpleasant scents at the same time.

Shock treatment remediation is required to remove mold odor because mold and mildew thrive in damp environments and those areas with poor air circulation. If the area smells musty, there’s a good chance that live mold spores are in the air. These spores can reproduce by the millions creating health issues; as well as, damaging the building and its contents.

Ozone (O3) is very effective in attacking mold, mildew and mold spores. At high levels, Ozone deteriorates the cell structure of these microorganisms and breaks down their ability to reproduce. As the entire space fills with Ozone, every interior surface including floors, ceilings, closets, furniture and clothing gets sanitized. While Ozone is not able to pass through solid walls, it seeps into cracks and crevices within the whole structure.

How We Remove Mold Odors

Our Solution:

To remove musty smells, Assure Property Solutions will close off the area to be treated, place an Ozone Generator(s) in the space, turn up the heat or add heaters into the space, set the timer and vacate the area (The area MUST be vacated for the duration of the service). The treatment time depends on the size of the space and how deeply entrenched the mold and odors. It can take several hours or longer to remove heavy mold smells allowing the Ozone to kill mold and mildew. After treatment, we MUST allow the Ozone (O3) to dissipate for at least an hour prior to re-occupying the space. If the source of the moisture has not been eliminated prior to treatment or is NOT able to be eliminated; Ozone sanitization WILL need to be repeated periodically to prevent return of mold and mildew build up.


Odor Removal of: Fire, Water, Molds, Sewage, Smoke and Pets

We Have Been Able to HELP Our Client’s Remove Odors From/Like:

– Gyms

– Automobiles

– Athletic Equipment

– Cooking Odors

– Mold

– Daycares

– Recreation Vehicles

– Cigarette Smoke

– Fire & Flood

– Animal Odors

– Forest Fire Smoke

– Allergens