Penticton Certified Home Inspectors

Best Home Inspection Company In The City Of Penticton Providing Best Inspection Services With Certified Home Inspectors.

Best Home Inspection Company In The City Of Penticton Providing Best Inspection Services With Certified Home Inspectors.

Penticton Certified Home Inspectors

Every other customer easily get attracted by the beauty of the house and 90 percent of the cases the decision is made on the basis of the beauty but more than 80 percent of the customer who have purchased later disappointed by the decision they have made on this factor because afterward they become aware of the problems which are currently present in the house because at the time of purchasing the seller didn't disclose the important information about the problems which are present in the house because he didn't wanted to make deal gone away or lose more money due to it and also the main aspect of the whole problem is the customer overconfidence which they have that know each and every thing. They make inspection of the house based on their knowledge but overall beauty factor is so much affected in their mind they usually neglect the original purpose of the inspection and then later on suffer with the guilt why they saved some money on inspection and they didn't hire certified home inspection service to look behind the beauty of the house.

Assure Property Solutions understand the suffering of the customer based on the feedback gathered from them and the most important thing is having certified inspection service in the city was one of the factor which convinced the customer to perform the job by themselves and the result is front of everyone keeping in mind the much demand we are now offering our certified home inspection service in the city in the most budget-friendly prices. We are one of the leading experts when it comes to home inspection service and we are proud to be the ultimate choice by the customer when it comes to certified home inspectors. We have a very long history of providing top quality certified home inspection in the city with the highest number of successful home inspections. Usually purchasing of the house is one of the biggest financial decision is taken by the customer and also its same for the investment purposes as well because the amount of money which is involved is huge so you have to be very certain regarding it that whatever decision you are about to take is accurate and the best one because afterwards it's no used to cry over it when sudden problems start to appear that’s why experts always suggests before making any final decision regarding it it's better to get it inspected by the experts who knows how to find out the problems from which even seller is unaware. Assure Property Solutions main purpose of the service is to provide the platform to the customer whom they can trust related to any kind of home inspection and furthermore we also want to provide the much-needed safety for the investment they are about to make. Assure Property Solutions have one of the leading inspectors in the whole country who are well certified and have experience in handling any type of home inspection work. Our company is fully accredited by the governing bodies and all our inspectors are fully licensed to operate in the city and providing unmatched quality inspection services to the customer in the prices which they can afford easily without thinking about the financial burden.

Assure Property Solutions sole purpose is not about finding the flaws of the house which is usually the customer have in mind regarding certified home inspection but we will share all our finding based on the experts suggestion we will also highlight the positive aspect of the house and what sort of immediate maintenance will be required by you and the long terms one as well so that you can see every aspect of the property before making the purchase. The sole purpose of the inspection is to provide you the chance to take appropriate action against the decision you want to make because the inspection not only tells you about the flaws of the house but it also provides you with the understanding what sort of maintenance or positive aspects it has. Inspection of the house is not only limited to the buyer of the house our quality service can be availed by the sellers as well because inspection has now become one of the most important tool for every because its provide the needed information to the seller as well and what sort of problems the house have from which seller is not aware and if the proper maintenance of the problems which are being identified are resolved then the seller will have better price. According to a survey conducted by the selling and purchasing department then houses which are inspected before the selling and are repaired have increased their face value more than 30 percent which is a big amount for properties.

As a licensed company we are bound to follow the standards which are set by the governing bodies and you can be assured of the mechanism of home inspection. Some of the key elements of our inspection services which we look at when performing your home inspection are as follows.

1. We will thoroughly check the structure's strength and its integrity because weak structure or issues in the foundation is a very bad sign and in most of the cases, we strongly advise against purchasing the house if they have this sort of problems because you want to live in the house which structure needs to be strong.

2. We inspect all the drainage system of the house because if there are issues in the drainage system then unexpected can be happen anywhere which can cause a lot of problems

3. We will check all the plumbing systems of the house using the latest technology including finding the leaks which even the owner is unaware because water leakage not only leaves a spot on the wall but if the following is hidden it can weaken the structure without showing any signs from outside.

4. We will inspect for the presence of the WOD (termite) because termite is the biggest problem which customer in the area is facing and if their presence in observed in the house then it will be no use of transferring your furniture over there because termite increases rapidly and it can affect your furniture as well without showing any visible sign

5. Electric is the most important thing which needs proper inspection. That's why our certified inspector will check the complete system of the house including wiring so that we can avoid any electric hazards in the future.

These are some of the important aspect of the inspection which we will be performing on the property which you need to purchase or the one which you need to sell and our qualified teams of experts will perform the inspection work under strict guidelines provided by the authorities and we will highlight each and every information of our finding with necessary suggestion which are needed to be followed immediately and the one which will be required further. You can visit our dedicated website related to home inspection services which are offered to the customer and if you have further questions related to our service you can contact us with our helpline number for customer assistance.



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Penticton Certified Home Inspectors

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