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Assure has the ability to take care of your residential repairs, renovations and house hold fixes. No job is too small.

Handymen are a great resource for homeowners, whether it's for tackling a small, technical job or starting on a major project. But good help comes with a price.

Handyman prices explained

It's first important to understand how handymen charge for their time. There are two common methods: by the hour or by the job.
If the work is straightforward and will take no more than a day or two, you'll typically be charged by the hour, plus a fee for mileage. Things like hanging a new door or repairing a leaky toilet fall in this category.
Be aware that professional services — for example, a plumbing expert — will cost more than handyman services with broad skill sets.

Larger jobs will often be quoted in total, with contractors and homeowners negotiating when payment will occur; many handymen prefer to be paid by milestone. For example, they might charge half of a total basement renovation price when the framing and drywall stages are completed, and the other half once the job is finished. To estimate the cost of a larger project, homeowners should research the basic price of preferred materials and fixtures, then double it. This is a good baseline for what a handyman will charge.

Regardless of which method your handyman uses, make sure to get a written quote detailing costs, payment expectations and timelines. In addition, get any guarantees about work or warranty in writing. Plumbing repairs, for example, should include guarantees about leaks over a specific length of time. Reputable handymen should stand behind their work and won't have a problem correcting mistakes at no cost to homeowners, but a written agreement is always preferable to a verbal contract.

Assure's Handyman & Contracting Services

Assure Property Solutions Inc. is proud to offer our Customers: Contractor and Handyman Services. With an aging population and a global shortage of skilled craftspeople, Assure Property Solutions Inc. believes that our experienced and certified professional network of Tradesmen and women can handle any repair, renovation or new project you have planned. If you find that there is a list of projects to do and the list has gotten… a little large and… too much for one man/woman to handle, that’s where Assure Property Solutions Contractor Services comes in. We believe that no job is too large or too small. We run a tight ship. Our customers time-lines matter to us. We believe that “doing it the first time” is a statement of our quality, not a hope our clients have.

Assure Property Solution's hassle FREE ESTIMATE Service allows you the time to provide us with what it is you want or need done, “the job description, parameters and budget”. Assure will take care of the rest. We will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE. Assure’s quoting system is easy to read and understand. Assure provides our clients with the service that meets their needs the first time. Clarity is paramount. Assure Property Solutions Inc. has an open-door policy regarding constructive criticism. Assure’s goal is to build Assure Property Solutions Inc. into a completely customer centered organization.

Assure Property Solutions Inc. has in-house skilled tradesman. If an outside skilled professional is required for a job/project, Assure's network of tradesman and women at our ready, with the skills and abilities to take care of what’s required.

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“Even though the handyman’s image has been upgraded, for large projects most homeowners are more likely to hire a contractor over a handyman. That’s largely due to the perception that they’re more qualified, which is often not true.

As far back as I can remember, handymen have always been around. They are jacks-of-all trades.”

Bob Weinstein – Edmonton Global Times

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