Aqueous Ozone Sanitization

Harness the power of Aqueous Ozone to Clean without Chemicals
How Effective is it?
The Viriditec Sanitation Solution® is more effective than all traditional chemical alternatives and is environmentally and employee friendly. Viriditec® can eliminate the health and safety issues associated with harsh chemicals as the solution does not require the extensive employee protection necessary with traditional sanitization processes.
Chemical-Free Cleaning, Sanitizing & Stain Removal.
Viriditec’s patented cleaning sanitizing system turns ordinary cold tap water into the world’s most effective chemical-free commercial cleaner and sanitizer by infusing it with nanobubbles of ozone. Aqueous ozone eliminates germs, odours, stains, mold, mildew and other contaminants on any item or surface before changing back into water and oxygen. Leave no residues behind. Perfect for sprayers, carpet extractors and auto scrubbers.
Here are the many different bacteria, viruses, fungus, pathogens protozoa, algae, cysts and yeast that Viriditec® neutralize and kills:
Aqueous Ozone
Have you ever wondered why the air smells so fresh and clean after a thunderstorm?  
The reason is that the air has been cleaned and sanitized by the super-oxygen that forms when electricity is discharged through lightning.
Aqueous ozone, sometimes called liquid ozone or O3, is a powerful and natural oxidizer which disinfects 50 times better and 3000 times faster than bleach.  It's completely safe, reverting back to plain oxygen and water in 45 minutes.  For this reason, it has been used in food processing and city water treatment plants throughout the world. 
It is further used commercially and residentially in pools, spas, aquariums, stables, dishwashers, laundry, and air purifiers.  It is a powerful deodorizer as well as because of its disinfecting properties.  
What are Nanobubbles?

Nanobubbles are nanometer sized gaseous cavities in an aqueous solution. Ordinary macro and micro bubbles have a larger diameter and quickly rise to the surface and burst out of a solution or simply collapse and disappear while nanobubbles have been shown to remain in liquids for an extended period of time.

Viriditec® is an innovative cleaning technology that utilizes cold water and ozone to create a robust cleaner – aqueous ozone. The aqueous ozone is produced on-site and on demand, eliminating the need to store most chemical cleaners. Viriditec® also helps control and eliminate odors. The Viriditec® Fill Stations are available in two models dependent on volume needs.
  • Reduce Chemical & Energy Consumption
  • Reduce Labour Intervals
  • eradicate Harmful Pathogens
  • Regulatory Acceptanced by EPA, FDA, USDA, OSHA, UL
  • 51% More effective than chlorine
  • Works 3,000 times faster than chlorine
  • Easy to Use - NO Rise Sanitizer
  • Natural Oxidizer
  • Variable application flow rates
  • Clean hands drains, floors, production lines and more.
  • Wall mounts, spray woundsOSHA Colmpliance

Fill Stations & VSS Caddy
The Viriditec® Fill Stations and VSS Caddy offer a safe and reliable solution for all-purpose cleaning.
Viriditec® is a green alternative to using chemicals for everyday cleaning. Viriditec® is formed by a unique, patented mixing chamber that combines the natural elements of water and oxygen. These elements bond together to create aqueous ozone – the key cleaning agent supplying Viriditec® with oxidizing strength.

REDUCE the usage of Harsh, Abrasive and Caustic Chemicals

Ideal for Environmental Cleaning
Use the VSS Fill Station and VSS Caddy aqueous ozone system as a general cleaner to clean floors (tile, carpet, grout), clean high-touch surfaces, clean restrooms, rinse fruits and vegetables, even wash hands.
  • Residential Homes
  • Schools and Hospitals
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hotels
  • Fitness Centers
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Retirement Communities
  • Anywhere Traditional Cleaning Chemicals are used
Our Patented Technology
Creates a Superior Form of Aqueous Ozone sSlution
What is Ozone?
  1. A naturally occurring gas that may be formed through the interaction of oxygen and electricity.
  2. A highly soluble gas which can be dissolved in water.
  3. A powerful natural sanitizer that works similarly to chlorine bleach by directly oxidizing and destroying a microorganism’s cell wall thereby destroying the microorganism.
  4. A power natural sanitizer whose antimicrobial properties have been known for over a century.
  5. Viriditec’s patented technology combines the natural cleaning power of water and ozone with modern Nanobubble Technology to produce a clean, safe and highly effective natural cleaner. Our technology provides an on-demand, easy to use, no rinse application to quickly clean surfaces and remove odors. Simply apply the Viriditec™ solution and then either wipe the surface dry, wet-vac the surface or simply allow the surface to air dry.
Why are nanobubbles important?

Traditional aqueous ozone solutions break down quickly as they are made up of irregular and inconsistently sized macro and micro bubbles. O3Canada’s patented technology creates a solution that contains high levels of dissolved ozone in the form of consistently sized Nanobubbles. The Viriditec Sanitization Solution™ solution created is more stable, longer lasting and a more effective cleaning agent than tradition aqueous ozone solutions – in other words, Viriditec Sanitation Solution™ is a Superior Form of Aqueous Ozone! With a higher ozone concentration and nanobubbles, O3Canada’s solution covers a surface thoroughly with a more potent cleaning agent.
Health and Safety Benefits
  • Eliminates the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and special training, or chance of chemical misuse.
  • Improve air quality by eliminating chemical fumes and eliminating spoilage odors
  • Reduces air-borne viruses and bacteria, creating a healthier work place environment and reducing injuries related to chemical cleaning; there is no risk associated with touching or breathing in the Viriditec solution.

Nano Aqueous Ozone Solution

Ozone Kills Parasites and Cancer Cells

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