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Assure Property Solutions is a locally owned company in Canada. We offer property inspection services in Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, Kamloops, and all across British Columbia.

Personable, Professional, Honest with Integrity. The Assure Way!
“We Aim to Remove Doubt”.

Assure Property Solutions Inc. is a locally owned and operated company. Assure is NOT a franchise. Before building this company, the owner of Assure went out and asked the people in the market what they liked and disliked when selling, purchasing or maintain their property(s). Assure compiled a list of the top 10 (+) concerns and related services customers were looking for, became more educated and certified up and Assure was developed. Assures top goal is a client centered service environment. Assure looks to work with our clients and problem solve with them when problems or concerns arise.

n the past 5 to 10 years there have been many changes in the Residential & Commercial Real Estate markets. Prices have increased dramatically, affordable inventory has decreased, aged and budgets are tighter. Governments have stepped in regarding: MOLD, ASBESTOS and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Concerns.

A new young generation of realtors has entered the market. The margin for error regarding the home or buildings required needs: repairs or replacement list(s) has become more important than ever. Having a Qualified Inspector who looks out for your needs is more important than ever!

Having an Accurate home or building Inspection has never been more important. Very quickly a purchase can go wrong if the inspection was not completed correctly and effectively creating unforeseen problems and expenses.


Assure Surveyed The Market and Found That Clients Required

A More Hands On Experience & Better Communication.

Assure offers an Inspection Presentation as well as a Question & Answer Period.

A “One Stop Shop”.

Assure offers Residential & Commercial Property, Pool, Sauna, Hot Tub, Mold, Asbestos and Thermal Imaging Inspections. Assure offers Water and Radon Sampling & Testing as well as many other Laboratory Services. Assure Removes Odors too!

Insured Professional(s).

All Assure’s staff is Certified and Insured as well as Consumer Protection BC Accredited

Professional Reporting.

Assure uses Digital reporting as well as Pre & Post Inspection paperwork.



Won’t You come Join Assure’s long list of Satisfied Customers?

Assure believes you get what you pay for! In this market, making the wrong purchase can turn what is supposed to be one of the happier experience in our live(s) into headache, a money pit or worse!

Assure Property Solutions Inc. provides a thorough, Non-Destructive Assessment of the Property. Assure is On-Time, Professional, Accountable, and is considered to be highly educated in our field. Let Assure guide you through this process. Assure will educate you and make this experience one of the best ever, under the circumstances.


Clint Fox
Operations manager
Assure Property Solutions Inc

10 Key Business Attributes That Lead to

Assure Property Solutions Inc. Success:

  1. Understanding our Client’s Business
  2. Being Flexible
  3. A Willing to Create a Win-Win Scenario
  4. Exceed Expectations
  5. Open Line of Communication
  6. Being Innovative
  7. Experience
  8. Cultural Fit
  9. Partnership
  10. Nimbleness

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